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Wrinkles and skin damaged from acne, sun exposure, or heredity can benefit greatly from facial laser treatment. Removing the skin’s damaged outer layers with laser skin resurfacing reveals a younger-looking layer of skin underneath. At Fenner Plastic Surgery, our laser treatments also include hair, birthmark, and tattoo removal. Expose new skin to feel and look younger.

To help you get the maximum benefit from your laser treatment, we feature a fully integrated Medical Spa at our plastic and laser surgery center. Prior to your treatment, Medical Spa skin care therapies are used to prepare your skin for laser treatment. Following the laser procedure, various skin-care methods can be used to promote faster healing, enhance your laser results, and maintain the health and vitality of your skin.

To find out more about our laser treatment services, contact Fenner Plastic Surgery today. Using the latest laser technology, we are able to provide quick, lasting results to patients of all skin types.














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If you are interested in laser skin treatments at our Chicago North Shore practice, contact Fenner Plastic Surgery today. We can help you achieve healthy, clear skin with permanent results.

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