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Vein Sclerosing – Spider Vein Removal at Our Chicago North Shore Center

Many people suffer from visible spider veins on the face and/or legs. Vein sclerosing (sclerotherapy) is the removal of these unwanted veins. A sclerosing solution made from a concentrated salt mixture is carefully injected into the visible spider veins, causing them to fade from view. Final results of the treatment are evident in 10 to 14 days. To learn more about vein sclerosing or another cosmetic skin treatment, contact Fenner Plastic Surgery. Dr. Geoffrey Fenner can help you decide which treatment is best suited to help you achieve your individual appearance goals.














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Dr. Geoffrey Fenner is dedicated to helping patients achieve beautiful skin. For more information on vein sclerosing or another cosmetic treatment, contact our Chicago North Shore office today.

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