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Plastic Surgery Chicago Patient Patricia’s testimonial

I received my diagnosis of breast cancer in March of 1999. I chose to have a bilateral radical mastectomy due to two lobular and two ductal invasive tumors in my left breast. I selected immediate reconstruction using implant expanders, followed by saline implants.

Before my surgery, I met with Dr. Fenner to help me make the decision about implant versus tram flap. He made this nightmare livable by showing me that he had done these procedures countless times, showing me pictures of his work. I had heard from other surgeons and past patients that he was the most talented and took the time to do the best body sculpting possible.

What I love most about Dr. Fenner is that he listens; he doesn't talk, he lets you tell him what you want and then he gives you the options with the pros and cons. He assumes that this is a "team effort." It's not a surgeon telling the patient what she should do. He was my partner in the whole ordeal.

- Patricia C.

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