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Dr. Geoffrey Fenner, has years of experience helping his patients with their desired facial rejuvenation. He is committed to helping his Chicago plastic surgery patients enhance their appearance while making them more confident in how they look. In addition to the procedures listed below, Dr. Fenner also offers an array of non-surgical treatments, including helping Chicago Botox and Restylane patients.

To help you get the maximum benefit from your surgical procedure and maintain the look that Dr. Fenner has created, we feature a fully integrated Medical Spa at our plastic surgery center. Pre-surgically, Medical Spa skin care treatments are used to prepare your skin for surgery.

Following surgery, skin treatments such as post-operative massage and facial resurfacing can be used to promote faster healing, enhance your surgical results, and maintain the health and vitality of your skin.

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Dr. Fenner specializes in helping Chicago facelift patients achieve a more youthful, natural-looking appearance

If you notice wrinkles or a loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone of the face and neck, deep creases around your nose and mouth, or an overall tired appearance to your face, you may be a good candidate for a facelift. At our Chicago-area practice, facelift surgery is a popular option that can repair these effects of aging and give a more rested and youthful contour to your face and neck. Depending on your needs, facelift surgery at our Chicago practice can range in technique from “mini” to “standard” and is often combined with blepharoplasty, forehead lift, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion for enhanced results.

If you’d like to look years younger, contact our Chicago-area practice to schedule a facelift consultation. Our plastic surgery center emphasizes personalized treatment to ensure attractive and natural-looking results.

Forehead Lift

Forehead lift is an effective facial plastic surgery option that is intended to smooth out frown lines (those deep vertical furrows between the eyebrows) and improve the position of a sagging forehead or brows. A forehead lift at our Chicago North Shore practice can be customized to meet the specific needs of the individual, giving a more youthful and rested appearance to the forehead and upper eyelids, and refreshing the overall appearance of the face. This outpatient procedure is often combined with an upper or lower eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) for an even more dramatic effect.

To find out more about forehead lift at our Chicago-area office, please contact our plastic surgery practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fenner.


Blepharoplasty, also called an eyelid lift, can successfully correct eyelid problems such as wrinkling, excessive tissue, sagging lids, puffy under-eye pouches, and missing upper eyelid creases. Blepharoplasty is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. It can be utilized to soften wrinkle lines, widen a compromised visual field, and give the eyes a more youthful and rested appearance. When blepharoplasty is combined with facial rejuvenation procedures such as chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing, remarkable results can often be attained.

If you are interested in learning more about blepharoplasty at our practice, please contact our professional staff today. Fenner Plastic Surgery provides exceptional care in a comfortable setting, and we work with our patients to achieve the natural-looking and long-lasting results they desire.

Neck Lift

If you have excess fatty deposits on the front of the neck or sagging muscles and skin underneath the chin, you may be an excellent candidate for a neck lift. Dr. Fenner performs neck lift surgery to remove this excess tissue, improving the neck’s contour and giving a more youthful appearance to the neck and lower face.

A neck lift may also involve liposuction. Many patients at our Chicago practice combine facelift or chin augmentation procedures with a neck lift to achieve even more dramatic results.

If you would like to meet with Dr. Fenner to discuss whether a neck lift is right for you, please contact Fenner Plastic Surgery today. Our conveniently located plastic surgery center serves the entire Chicago North Shore.

Chin Enlargement

Patients with a small, receding chin or a chin that looks too small in comparison with other facial features, particularly the nose, often choose to have chin enlargement performed. Chin enlargement results in an improved profile and a more attractive jaw line—one that creates a better balance between the chin and other facial features. Chin enlargement at our North Shore practice is performed as an outpatient procedure and involves either the placement of a firm implant or a repositioning of bone in the chin . In some cases, the procedure may be combined with rhinoplasty for enhanced results.

For further information about chin enlargement, contact Fenner Plastic Surgery today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Fenner.

Cheek Implants

If you desire a more prominent cheek contour, suffer from facial asymmetry, or have significantly reduced cheekbone and facial tissue, cheek implants might be the right option for you. Dr. Fenner places cheek implants to enhance facial contour and create overall symmetry and balance in the face. The implant used is biologically inert and custom shaped to suit your facial contours. In addition to the procedures listed above, Dr. Fenner provides a variety of other facial rejuvenation procedures. Chicago rhinoplasty patients have been visiting Dr. Fenner’s facility for years to have their nose surgeries done.

If you would like to learn more about cheek implants, please contact our cosmetic surgery practice today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Fenner.

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement can help patients attain fuller, shapelier lips. Some patients who choose lip enhancement are looking for a more defined edge to the lip. Others wish to return to a more youthful lip appearance. Whatever your specific needs, Dr. Fenner can provide the results you desire to match your unique features and appearance goals. There are numerous options available for lip enhancement including injectable fillers such as Restylane®, implants, and tissue transfer, and both men and women make good candidates.

To find out more about lip enhancement, contact our cosmetic surgery practice today.

Learn More About Facial Plastic Surgery in Chicago

If you live in North Shore Chicago and are interested in face lift, blepharoplasty, or forehead lift, contact our plastic surgery practice by calling 847.716.2400. You can also contact Fenner Plastic Surgery using our convenient online form. We would be happy to give you information about any of our facial plastic surgery procedures and set up a consultation for you with Dr. Geoffrey Fenner.

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