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A highly versatile dermal filler, Restylane has the power to minimize facial wrinkles, rejuvenate aging hands, and subtly plump thinning lips.

Are you a candidate?

If you struggle with thinning lips, laugh lines, and lost volume on the face and hands, the Restylane family of products may be right for you. During your private consultation at Fenner Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, our team can assess your telltale signs of aging and help you determine if this dermal filler is in your best interest.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a family of FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers that restore naturally youthful beauty on the face and hands. At Fenner Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we proudly offer the following Restylane products:


A loss of facial volume is a telltale sign of aging that can be difficult to ignore. Restylane Lyft is designed to add natural volume to the cheeks and hands and treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.


With age, fine lines develop around the mouth and the lips lose their youthful volume. When this occurs, Restylane Silk can sculpt smooth and subtly full lips while minimizing vertical lip lines.


As you grow older, the skin naturally loses some of its elasticity, allowing facial lines and wrinkles to emerge. Restylane Refyne is specifically formulated to minimize nasolabial folds and marionette lines – smoothing away telltale signs of aging while preserving natural movement.


Restylane Defyne is designed for patients with deep laugh lines. It dramatically minimizes prominent facial wrinkles around the mouth and nose, while ensuring that you can continue to express yourself and move your face with ease.

The Restylane procedure: What to expect during your appointment

Restylane is a non-animal based, biodegradable gel that is injected into the skin in very small amounts. Treatment with Restylane® at our medical spa can be completed within an hour, and the procedure does not require a prior skin test. As opposed to animal-based fillers, Restylane does not break down quickly in the body, so patients enjoy long lasting results. And since it’s made from an acid that occurs naturally in the body, there is no risk of allergic reaction in patients with animal allergies.

A non-surgical treatment, Restylane works to rejuvenate skin for a younger, healthier look. Using a clear hyaluronic acid-based gel, Dr. Geoffrey Fenner injects the medication underneath the skin, causing the tissue to swell in the treated area. Patients who undergo Restylane treatments at our Chicago practice will notice fine lines and wrinkles diminish as their skin appears smoother and more lubricated. As the tissue expands, the surface skin becomes firmer and looks younger.

Restylane is a popular treatment at our Chicago practice for long lasting lip enhancement as well. Patients enjoy fuller lips for six months to a year before needing another treatment, and Restylane injections are relatively inexpensive. If you’re considering treatment to reduce facial wrinkles, volumize aging hands, or enhance your lips, inquire about Restylane. Our Chicago North Shore medical spa offers medically supervised skin care treatment in a soothing and luxurious atmosphere.

Beautiful results that last

Some patients are looking for a longer lasting treatment for facial wrinkles, aging hands, and thin lips. Restylane, administered at our Chicago North Shore practice, can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your hands, and enhance lip size for a longer duration than its collagen counterpart — results often last up to six months or more.

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For more information about Restylane in the Chicago area, contact Fenner Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today. During your consultation, Dr. Fenner will discuss your goals with you and help you make the treatment choices that fit your individual needs.

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