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The nose has a powerful influence on beauty and balance. A small refinement can restore facial harmony, improve your profile, and create a more attractive overall appearance. Rhinoplasty with Dr. Fenner is a customized procedure that is tailored to your unique facial structure and designed to reveal the best version of you.

Meet Dr. Geoffrey Fenner

As one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the North Shore, Dr. Geoffrey Fenner understands the importance of having a shapely, well-proportioned nose. As the focal point of a person’s face, the nose requires special consideration. 

Nasal procedures are designed to alter the shape and appearance of your nose, complementing the aesthetics of your face. Our plastic surgery practice in Kenilworth, IL tailors rhinoplasty procedures to your goals and facial features. In addition, Dr. Fenner focuses on correcting post-traumatic changes and deformities through specialized nasal surgeries.

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Many people feel extremely self-conscious about the appearance of their nose. Rhinoplasty is intended to reshape a nose that is aesthetically unattractive or out of balance with the rest of the face. Our Kenilworth, IL practice also offers rhinoplasty to help patients whose noses are abnormal in appearance due to a birth defect, injury, or disease.

The best rhinoplasty results in a more complementary nasal shape and a nose that is in better proportion to the other facial features. Contact Fenner Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in Chicago today to learn more about the procedure or to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Fenner.

Rhinoplasty refinement

If your nose is not ideal following a previous nasal surgery, Dr. Fenner can perform rhinoplasty refinement to produce an attractive nasal shape that better matches your goals. In order to be a good candidate for rhinoplasty refinement, Dr. Fenner must see a problem that can be corrected surgically. Most revisions are performed at least six months after the original procedure, in order to allow for swelling to decrease or disappear. For more information about this treatment option, contact our North Shore cosmetic surgery practice today to schedule a rhinoplasty refinement consultation.

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Nasal fracture

Nasal fracture surgery is performed to repair deformity or crookedness following a broken nose. Dr. Fenner’s goal is to create a nasal appearance as close to the pre-injury look as possible, or to achieve a patient’s desired new look. If the fracture and dislocation are “simple,” he may be able manipulate the bones and cartilage into position without the need for incisions. Complex fractures and dislocations may require a more formal operation . For more information about nasal fracture surgery, contact Fenner Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today. Our North Shore location makes our office convenient to areas throughout Chicago.

Deviated septum

The septum is the cartilage divider between the two sides of the nose. If you have a nasal obstruction (difficulty breathing) due to developmental or post-injury crookedness of the septum, you may require surgery to repair the deviated septum. Reducing this blockage in the nasal passages will allow you to breathe more freely. Repair of a deviated septum is an outpatient procedure that involves straightening and/or partially removing the crooked cartilage. To discover if your breathing difficulties are caused by a deviated septum, contact our Chicago practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fenner.

The procedure
What to expect

Most nasal surgeries are performed using similar techniques. The procedure is done under general anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety. From there, discreet incisions are created either completely hidden within the nose or along the columella, which is the small strip of tissue separating the nostrils.

Through those openings, Dr. Fenner can reshape the underlying nasal structure, remove or add cartilage, correct a deviated septum, and fix a nasal fracture, depending on your needs. He will then close the incisions to minimize scarring and place splints and gauze packing to support the nose throughout the initial healing process.

 The results

The best rhinoplasty results are extremely long-lasting. The initial swelling will subside within a few weeks, though it can take up to a year for your final, contoured results to appear. During this time, your nose will gradually improve in appearance.

A comprehensive transformation

In addition to being one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons, Dr. Fenner has helped many of his patients with a more complete facial rejuvenation. He is proud to say that many of his facelift patients come to his facility as referrals from past patients.

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If you are interested in rhinoplasty or one of our other nasal surgeries, we invite you to contact our Chicago practice today. A member of our team will happily provide you with more information about our procedures and arrange a private consultation with Dr. Geoffrey Fenner.

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