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Also known as a forehead lift, the brow lift is designed to rejuvenate the upper third portion of the face – minimizing creases, elevating drooping brows, and restoring a more youthful and refreshed expression.

The benefits

A brow lift has the power to take years off your appearance. Depending on your unique needs and facial structure, Dr. Fenner can:

  • Restore a more pleasant appearance. Lines across the forehead can create a perpetually angry or tired look.
  • Smooth wrinkles and facial creases. Subtly lifting the brow and removing excess skin smooths away lines between the brows and across the forehead.
  • Elevate drooping upper eyelids. By elevating a sagging brow, Dr. Fenner can simultaneously open up the eye area and correct drooping upper eyelids.

Are you a candidate?

Most of Dr. Fenner’s brow lift patients are Kenilworth, IL men and women who are in their 40s and 50s. However, it can be an appropriate procedure for individuals in their 20s and 30s as well. In general, the ideal candidate is struggling with signs of facial aging on the upper third portion of the face, including:

  • Forehead lines
  • Wrinkles across the nasal bridge
  • Furrows between the brows
  • A perpetually sad, tired or angry expression
  • Heavy upper eyelids

The procedure
What to expect

Dr. Fenner offers two primary brow lift techniques for our Kenilworth, IL patients: open and endoscopic. During your initial consultation, he will recommend the approach that can achieve your aesthetic goals and create the most beautiful and natural-looking results for your unique face. 

Open brow lift

With the open brow lift, Dr. Fenner will create one long incision across the forehead, carefully hidden within the hairline. He will then lift the skin away from the underlying tissues so that he can remove fat and tighten lax muscles in the area. He will then pull the remaining skin down and stitch the brow into its new, subtly elevated position.

Endoscopic brow lift

With an endoscopic brow lift, Dr. Fenner will create several tiny incisions along the hairline. He will then insert a long, thin tube attached to a video camera (endoscope) through one opening, which will allow him to visualize the internal structures. Using tiny surgical tools, he will tighten lax muscles, reposition the underlying tissues, and trim away excess skin.

The recovery

You will need a friend or family member to drive you home after your brow lift. Keep your head elevated and apply cold compresses regularly to minimize swelling and bruising. You may experience some numbness and itching during the initial recovery period. These sensations are normal and will improve with time.

An endoscopic brow lift typically involves a quicker recovery period than an open brow lift, due to its limited incisions. Most of our Kenilworth, IL patients can return to work and their normal daily routine within one week following the endoscopic procedure, while an open brow lift requires 10 to 14 days off work. For both procedures, you will need to continue to avoid vigorous activity for several weeks until the full healing process is complete.

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The results

Dr. Fenner’s brow lift produces results that are beautiful, natural and extremely long-lasting. He makes conservative enhancements when remodeling the underlying tissues, to ensure a subtly improved facial appearance. As such, you can expect to look like yourself after a brow lift with Dr. Fenner – only years younger.

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Dr. Geoffrey Fenner is a sought-after plastic surgeon located in Kenilworth, IL. If you are interested in restoring your youthful expression with a brow lift, we invite you to contact our office today and schedule a private consultation.

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