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Women who struggle with large, heavy breasts often experience substantial physical and emotional discomfort. A breast reduction with Dr. Geoffrey Fenner is designed to sculpt a smaller, more comfortable chest that better fits your figure and lifestyle.

The benefits

A breast reduction can transform your figure and dramatically improve your quality of life. When done correctly, the procedure has the power to:

  • Drastically reduce pain and discomfort due to heavy breasts
  • Restore your ability to exercise without pain or discomfort
  • Sculpt a more proportionate and balanced appearance
  • Create shapely, firm and lifted breasts
  • Reduce the size of your nipples and areolas

Are you a candidate?

You may be considered an ideal candidate for a breast reduction if your chest is too large for your body. If you regularly experience physical pain and poor posture due to your heavy breasts, or if you often have trouble finding clothing that fits, a reduction can transform your appearance and dramatically reduce the amount of discomfort you feel on a daily basis.

The procedure: What to expect

As with all of his plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Fenner will customize your breast reduction to meet your unique needs. He offers three primary techniques: the lollipop, the anchor and liposuction.


The lollipop involves an incision around the areola and down the front of the breast. Through that opening, Dr. Fenner can sculpt smaller, more manageable breasts by removing a limited amount of fat, skin and tissue.


The anchor breast reduction requires incisions around the areola, down the front of the breast, and across the breast crease. Because it is a large incision, it allows Dr. Fenner to remove more tissue and create a comprehensive transformation.


For many of our patients, liposuction is the ideal breast reduction approach. This procedure is popular because it’s less intensive than a traditional breast reduction. However, it is only appropriate if you primarily need to address excess fatty tissue (not glandular development) and you require a subtle adjustment in breast size.

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The recovery

After surgery, you will be free to begin the healing process in the comfort of your home. During the first several days, some soreness and discomfort is to be expected. Although you should mainly focus on resting during this time, it’s important to walk lightly around the house as well to promote healing and prevent blood clots.

Dr. Fenner will provide you with a surgical bra to support your breasts and maintain their new shape. It’s important to wear this bra at all times for several weeks. In some cases, post-surgical swelling can persist for a few months. Although most patients can return to work and their normal daily routine within a week or two, you will need to continue to avoid strenuous activity for up to one month.

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Dr. Geoffrey Fenner is a highly respected plastic surgeon located in Kenilworth, IL. If you want to reduce the size of your breasts while creating a light, shapely, and beautiful chest, we invite you to contact our office today and schedule a private consultation.

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