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With a thigh lift, Dr. Fenner can remove excess skin and drooping tissue in the area – revealing slim and proportionate upper legs that you’re excited to show off.

The toned thighs you’ve always wanted...

With age, many of Dr. Fenner’s patients complain of heavy thighs that are difficult to tone at the gym. When this occurs, a thigh lift can contour the area and remove much of the excess volume – restoring slim legs that better fit your figure.

Are you a candidate?

Because the thighs are difficult to tone with exercise alone, the thigh lift is an extremely popular procedure among our patients. To be considered an ideal candidate for this surgery, you should:

  • Want to remove excess skin on the upper legs
  • Be at a stable weight and able to avoid future fluctuations
  • Be committed to eating well and exercising regularly to maintain your results long-term

Your surgical options

Your thigh lift can be customized to address the inner thighs, outer thighs or both. Your surgical plan will depend on the location and severity of your excess tissue, along with the aesthetic results you want to achieve.

With an inner thigh lift, Dr. Fenner will create a small incision on the upper thigh, near the pubic area. Through that opening, he can remove excess skin along the inner thighs. The resulting scar will be hidden within your body’s natural creases and contours, and as such should be virtually imperceptible once its healed.

The outer thigh lift is designed to tighten skin on the outer thighs and the front of the legs. It requires an incision at the top of the thighs that extends to the hips. With this approach, Dr. Fenner can also elevate the buttocks.

The procedure: What to expect

Both the inner and outer thigh lifts are done under general anesthesia, which means you will be unconscious and unable to experience any pain or discomfort throughout surgery. To begin, Dr. Fenner will create the necessary incisions at the top of your legs. Through those openings, he will remove small areas of fat and excess skin. In some cases, he may also perform liposuction to further refine and contour the area.

After lifting and smoothing your thighs, Dr. Fenner will close the incisions carefully and trim away any excess tissue. In most cases, he will also place drains to prevent the accumulation of fluid beneath the surface of your skin.

Thigh lift vs. liposuction: Which option is right for you?

Although both the thigh lift and liposuction can address excess volume on the thighs, each procedure is ideal for different patients. Liposuction is only capable of correcting excess fatty deposits – not skin laxity. As such, if you struggle with a significant amount of excess skin, you will require a traditional thigh lift to achieve your desired results. However, if your unwanted volume is composed primarily of fatty deposits, a simple liposuction procedure may be all that’s necessary to achieve your body goals.

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Slim, contoured thighs can be yours. To begin planning for your transformation, please contact our Chicago office today and schedule a private consultation.

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